About me

I started out as a corporate lawyer.  I liked the buzz, energy and rigour of it, but it didn't have enough heart for me.  I felt like I had to suppress an important part of myself to succeed. 

So I followed a strong calling to get out and lead a life that suited me better.  I flew to Cape Town, where I started working for a human rights organisation.  I could just be me and I was making a positive contribution to society.  It was liberating.

Since then, I have followed this calling around the world where I spent over 15 years living and working in countries affected by conflict.  It's brought a lot of freedom, joy and connection in my personal and professional life.  It's also been very challenging: on more than a few occasions, it has shaken me to the very core.  But it's been immensely fulfilling, and I've learned a lot about humility, faith and resilience along the way. 

I've spent most of my adult life living and working overseas, in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and currently live in Brighton, UK, with my two kids, two cats and our chameleon. I love to sing, dance and make beautiful things.

Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership

I've been coaching individuals and groups, and facilitating conversations and events for the last 20 years. In 2013, I qualified as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®, trained by the Coaches Training Institute, and also graduated from their Leadership Programme. I'm also trained as an Executive Coach and have studied Organisational and Relationship Systems with CRR Global

My work is influenced by creative facilitation, improv, mindfulness, open space technology, five rhythms, leadership embodiment, world cafe, process work, deep democracy, world work and graphic facilitation.

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I loved Zelah from minute one. She cracked a laugh and warmly told me she likes to shake things up. About time, I thought. 20 minutes into the conversation she crisply described me in a way I will never forget. By the end of the session I was empowered to tell my story powerfully to prospective clients.

If you’re at a crossroads in life, work with Zelah. She’s the confidence whisperer who’ll walk you home.
— Roxana Gramada, Bucharest, Romania

Organisational Transformation

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Since the late 90's, I've worked with a wide variety of individuals and organisations in the non-profit, governmental and inter-governmental sectors. Much of my work has been around transforming the way people and organisations from different sectors show up and collaborate with each other. 

I love this work.  So, as well as running my personal leadership coaching practice, I lead organisational change programmes.  I am currently leading the Revolution Programme for Diabetes UK – a cross-organisational programme that is transforming the way in which the charity engages with its supporters.

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This coaching journey has been a rigorous, honest and FUN-filled examination of me – not just me in the role I play at work, but me as a complex, whole person.

My life has changed radically in the last six months as a result of our work together. I feel strong and calm and am happy and fulfilled in my job and relationships. I also feel confident in expressing what I know while being open to acknowledging what I still have to learn.

I am immensely grateful to you for the time and energy you have sent my way. Your coaching has been the greatest gift that I could possibly have received at this time in my life.
— Anna Hamilton, London, UK
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