What clients say

  Here's what three of my clients have to say about me.  But why not contact me to check me out for yourself?


"This coaching journey has been quite different to what I expected.   

I had imagined that it would be fairly ‘corporate’  and would involve me finding ways to better market or overcome the areas we identified as weaknesses.  I thought I might learn how to improve on them, become ‘more professional’ and thereby more productive in my job. Essentially, I had imagined a rather soulless, but useful professional development tool.

I really wasn’t expecting the rigorous, honest and FUN-filled examination of me that ensued – not me as my role, but me as a complex, whole person.  

It has been a huge journey of self-discovery and acceptance and the greatest gift that I could possibly have been given at this particular time in my life.  I really cannot thank you enough.

Our face-to-face sessions have become protected spaces – a guarantee that I will have time to examine this beam of self-awareness that is growing and to see where the dents might have occurred since our last conversation.  The glimmer that you have stoked in those meetings has continued to become more central to my actions over the months and gradually, I have applied the lessons learnt back in the real world. Once we’d identified my values and my strengths, you dared me to simply turn up as me, more openly and honestly, and see what happened.  It took a while to trust myself enough to do it - and I’m still learning elegant ways to make this manifest – but the ensuing feeling of strength and calm has been phenomenal.

My life has changed radically in the last six months.  I am happy and fulfilled in my job and my relationships and feel confident in expressing what I know while open to acknowledging what I still have to learn.  I have asked for, justified and attained the role that suits my current needs and aligns with my values and lifestyle.  I have maintained and deepened my personal and professional relationships and, while I can’t fully credit coaching with bringing about my engagement (!), I do feel that I have learnt a new language to talk about the things that make me tick and a new layer of understanding of WHY some things drive me mad.

I am immensely grateful to you for the time and energy you have sent my way. People have asked me what kind of coaching I'm doing and I'm not actually sure how you describe it - maybe there's an excellent encapsulating way for saying all this - but I somehow doubt it.  It has woven together so many spheres - professional, lifestyle, existential, personal - and in doing so has given me a way to gently press 'reset' on how I experience myself in my life.  It truly is an enormous gift.”

 - Anna Hamilton, London


"How would I describe working with Zelah Senior? 

Her enthusiasm and optimism will strike you immediately, energizing you and fuelling you for positive change.  But this is only the beginning. 

Zelah asks the tough questions – not just the questions we avoid asking ourselves, but the questions you didn’t even think about asking.  I found myself looking very deeply, inside myself – in my head and in my heart to find answers that brought so much to the surface.  Together we examined what emerged and I found how easy it can be to find clarity in the midst of the frustrations that we all face in our life and work.  Zelah taught me this.

Zelah also taught me to how to discover and implement my own tools that inspire me to live and work at a higher level and give me the courage to break the walls that prevented me from growing and achieving in the past.   I still use these tools and I continue to find more.  The tougher parts of life are easier and simpler to deal with now and I use more of my energy on the things I care about.

Zelah is fun to work with, a strong and loyal ally in life.  Above all she is nimble:  I brought a new problem to the table every time we met and Zelah rose to the occasion with the skill and gusto to work with me on solutions and action plans for the future. 

If you are looking for an invigorating and empowering personalized experience that will give you both the expanded vision to see yourself better and the skills to do what you really want to do with your life - I encourage you to work with Zelah Senior.  She will show you the way to your own transformation."

 - Chris Nau, New York


"I find it quite hard to put into words what it is you do, so I’ll try and just use the way it felt to describe it:  working with you was like magic.

If I unpack that, I guess the first thing would be that I knew you could see me, the good things and the hidden things, no room for bullshit. I like that.

The second thing is the space you hold: you do it very well, that place of no judgment. 

Thirdly, you are a very good example of being, you’re very much at ease in your own skin, all very natural.

So how do I put that into what it is you actually did for me? You showed me how to be me."

- Stephen Rochford, Brighton & Hove