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Zelah knows just the right questions to ask which allow you to uncover your own unique strengths, talents and gifts, and to truly realize your own potential. Zelah does this by supporting you to become more you, to shine brighter - not by trying to change you into someone else.
— Asa Trulsson, Stockholm, Sweden

What will we do?

Our coaching relationship will have two main stages:

Coming home to yourself

The first part of our work together will focus on getting you deeply acquainted with yourself - what's important to you, what you were born to do, who you are at your very best, how you get in your own way and what you can do about that. 

These sound like big things, but you'll be surprised at how quickly we can uncover them once we get going.

Living and leading with all of yourself

Once you've got clear on who you are, it's time to get out there and start living and leading with all of yourself.  This is putting your 'being' into 'action'. It's where the magic happens and where you learn how to stay true to yourself when the going gets tough.

You set the agenda, depending on what your goals for the coaching are.  For some people, it's work related - how do I lead more effectively in the workplace, or really start making the impact I want to see in the world?  For others, it's relationship related - I want to find a tribe of people who really get me, or have the confidence to show up fully in relationships.  For most of my clients, it's about being kinder to themselves - getting out of their own way so that they can get on and do their work in the world.  

I walk alongside you at this stage -  challenging you, nurturing you, reassuring you, and holding you accountable for showing up 100%.

Get in touch to get started.

Zelah is exactly the kind of cheerleader that everyone deserves – I trust that she really cares about me and, depending on where I’m at, she has in turn supported me, challenged me or held me to account.

Through my work with Zelah I have begun to make some profound shifts in my life and work, inspired by a clearer sense of purpose and a greater understanding of and commitment to my own values. I highly recommend her!
— Sarah Thomas, Lewes, UK

What you can expect

Right from the start, I put a strong focus on exploring exactly what you need and exactly where you're heading.   

We will start with an initial 20 minute consultation to establish whether we'll be a good fit, discuss the issues we'll be working on and what you need from me.   If you decide to work with me, we'll design how we will work together in more detail and then get into action. 

I work with clients face to face, by phone or by Skype.  We'll have regular reviews throughout our relationship to check that you're heading in the right direction, re-orientate ourselves if needed and, when the time comes, bring our relationship to an end.   Clients generally work with me for a minimum of six months.

Building trust is a cornerstone of my work and I treat all my interactions with clients and prospective clients as 100% confidential.

Zelah is fun to work with, a strong and loyal ally in life.  Above all she is nimble:  I brought a new problem to the table every time we met and Zelah rose to the occasion with skill and gusto.

She asks the tough questions – not just the questions we avoid asking ourselves, but the questions you didn’t even think about asking.  I found myself looking very deeply inside myself to find the answers. Together we examined what emerged and I found how easy it can be to find clarity in the midst of the frustrations that we all face in our life and work.  The harder parts of life are easier and simpler to deal with now and I use more of my energy on the things I care about.

If you are looking for an invigorating and empowering personalized experience that will give you both the expanded vision to see yourself better and the skills to do what you really want to do with your life - I encourage you to work with Zelah Senior.  She will show you the way to your own transformation.
—  Chris Nau, New York, USA

Coaching and leadership models

Although I draw tools and inspiration from a variety of sources, the main model I use for my coaching and leadership work is the Co-Active® model.  This model balances 'being' and 'doing' to create transformational change and envisages a world in which people know that who we are is as important as what we do.   It refocuses the lens on the importance of self-awareness and connection as being key to fulfillment and performance.

The Co-Active® leadership model is based on the premise that everyone is a leader - it's not just for the talented few - and that the world needs us all to step up and take responsibility.  It focuses on five different dimensions of leadership: Leader within; Leader in front; Leader behind; Leaders beside; and Leaders in the field.

My coaching starts by powerfully connecting you to your leader within -  enabling you to live your life with integrity and purpose - before moving out to work with the other dimensions of your leadership.

My commitment to you

When I work with you, I offer you all my experience and expertise and commit to:

  • meet you where you are: with compassion, playfulness, tenderness and directness

  • hold you accountable

  • champion you

  • shake things up when needed

  • let you know if things don't feel right

  • name things that aren't being said

  • sweep deep under the carpet

  • stay with you when the going gets tough

  • celebrate all that you are and

  • bring more than a touch of magic to our relationship.

I won't take you anywhere that I haven't already been or where I don't have the skills to take you.

Worried about the investment?

Stop worrying.  If we're meant to work together, we will.  I'm keen that to ensure that my work is available to as many of the people who need it as possible and offer coaching on a 'pay what you can' basis to those who are not in a position to pay full fees.

Finally, if you're still reading...

... check out this beautiful poem by Ann Betz, which captures the essence of the work I do:

write the poem you are

you are the keeper
of a thousand mysteries
have you forgotten?

you know the secret
mumblings of the bees
what the water whispers in its
travels over stone
and the true meaning
of the homecoming of
the doves

but this busy bustling world
keeps our attention moving
just to make it through the day
managing bills
dirty dishes
and the endless lists
of what is yet
to come

encountering the magic
of who you are
and what you know
requires a slower pace
time free of demands
a space for unproductive musings
nothing to check off
or complete

and these poems—
mine and others—
are nothing more
than a reminder
of what you hold in
your own soul
but may simply be
too preoccupied
to remember

if I had any hope
for how you use them
it would be to
take that gentle time
burn my writing
and allow the flame
to light your own
exquisite words
on your own smooth paper
from your own uncertain hand

~Ann Betz, Santa Fe, January 2018